16 février 2006

Agents - Characters

Mani Braxton : CIA agent, she was recruited while she was still studying Medecine. She belong to a top secret operational cell (TAC - Terrorism Annihilation Cell) ran by Jack Patterson. She works there with Michael Stone, Cam Brunette (her best friend and roomate) and Sharmal (technology expert).
Inspiration: Sydney Bristow
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Michael Stone : other TAC agent, he is a specialist in « Field operations ». He joined CIA after his father's death ten years ago. He met Jack Patterson during several high danger missions in South East Asia. The latter recruited him to the TAC five years ago.
Inspiration: Michael Vaughn
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Cam Brunette : other TAC agent. She has a mysterious past. Before joining the TAC three years ago, she was working for the Brzailian secret services. Her partner Mani Braxton is also her roomate.
Inspiration : a mix between Nadia Santos and Lauren
Watch the interview of the actress (in English - Windows Media)

Jack Patterson : He was a brilliant Fed Economist when he was recruited by the CIA ten years ago. He has been running the TAC for five years. The TAC is a secret cell specialized in fighting against international terrorrism groups. It has a high lever of autonomy and freedom.
Inspiration: younger looking mix between Jack Bristow and Arvin Sloane
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Tatiana Derevko : she's the daughter of a powerful russian billionnaire. She rapidly became an important member of Octopus . She is running its european cell with Dimitri Chakovic. She met him in Ouzbek training camps of the organization.

Dimitri Chakovic, a.k.a. « Shark »: he is a former KGB lieutenant and joined Octopus a few years ago. There he met Tatiana Derevko, with whom he runs Octopus' european cell.
Inspiration: Sark

Sharmal: he is the Chief Technology Officer of the TAC. He has exceptional abilities in computer science, electronics and information technology. He is a smart and nice agent, but he can't hold a speech.
Inspiration: Marshall

Lars Vanderzanden : he was born in South Africa in 1977. He is fond of esoteric arts. On the one hand, he loves music and good wine, but on the other hand, he became rich thanks to its influent drug traffic.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hilarant, tout simplement, j'ai adoré ces interviews, vivement d'autres !

Anonyme a dit…

Je veux un interview du shark !!!!!